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Productivity on Steroid!

13 Nov 2021

In this practical workshop, Chandan will walk you through a step-by-step approach to create as much time as you want in your life.
After attending this workshop, “I don’t have time” phrase will go away from your vocabulary and thought process forever and you will experience a massive surge in your productivity.

Key Takeaways:
• How to increase your bandwidth by 40%.
• How to create time worth 2 additional months per year.
• How to increase your Focus by 5X?

Event Date: 13 Nov 2021


Chandan Goyal

Chandan is co-founder of Blue Consulting Pvt. Ltd. which provides Finance & Accounts Outsourcing Services to large companies in India and it has a strong team base of more than 130 people and 2 offices in India. Before starting Blue Consulting in 2005, Chandan was heading the Finance function at a JV of a Fortune 500 company named Halliburton Logging Services Inc, USA. Chandan is a big fan of system’s approach to work and that’s his strength too. He strongly believes in making highly simple systems, which are easy to use, and becomes part of habit.


Productivity on Steroid!

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