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Cutting-edge Entrepreneurial Foresight


Manzil India is a business learning and networking platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, and service providers.

We are the leading resource for medium and small businesses looking to grow and scale up. We help our members find the people and resources they need through our networks, our weekly newsletters and business presentations, fortnightly meetings, and our events.

Our mission is to help people succeed in all aspects of their lives and to do this we must be the most helpful and trusted community of people and businesses possible. We have learned a lot about what it takes to create successful businesses and professions by conducting 100+ learning sessions of business gurus of varied genres.

We've tested almost every conceivable combination of sales, operations, marketing, finance, people management, market research and competition analysis, skills, systems, strategy, and almost everything else you can think of. In fact, we've learned and delivered more than 2,000 different tools - big and small!
And, every time we test something we deliver something new.

We hope this brief gives you some ideas about how you can use a little tested and true teachings to make a lot of money. But, remember - these are just ways to progress. You must do the work necessary to turn these teachings into a profitable reality.

Manzil India will help you network and learn better - let’s grow our business ethically to serve the world.

Join us without any further ado!

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