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About Us

Our Vision

To help entrepreneurs and professionals learn, grow, and network.

Our Mission

To empower 1000 business houses by 2025 to grow ethically and sustainably for a better world. To leverage the power of learning to achieve the result of exponential growth in profitability.

A network of entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse fields conceived Manzil - a common platform for business knowledge, learning and networking.

Manzil is a space that would help dedicated professionals engage in the following fields:

  • critical and innovative thinking
  • generation and execution of ideas
  • scaling up business knowledge and capacity
  • usage of business-growth tools
  • generation of business opportunities

After much brainstorming and exchange of opinions between the founders, these thought processes and dialogues manifested as Manzil. The rest, as they say, is history.

The core of Manzil is business learning and Manzil couples it with a powerful tool of generating business referrals for the members.

Manzil differs from any other professional networks as its core members hold expertise in varied areas. The diversity as a group makes Manzil unique, and that creates a significant advantage for all its members.

  • Manzil focuses on targeted business knowledge enhancement, hone the skills, strategy and system, problem solving, reviewing and understanding current industry specific practices.
  • Manzil stresses upon imparting training to use the tools to leverage the power of business.